Frontend Developer

New York, United States · Fall 2018


LiquidSky is a game changing software company that started by solving the four main problems surrounding GPU cloud computing and streaming; latency, input, and server orchestration with no vendor lock in. We’re proud to say we are the only company that has done this successfully by building an incredible cloud gaming product built on global micro services infrastructure supporting users all over the world

Now we're tackling enterprise GPU & CPU cloud computing solutions. We’ve just raised $12,000,000 and are looking to grow. We are looking for people that are passionate about solving ridiculously hard problems that will allow companies to scale their global infrastructure with ease and the speed of light. We are building the future of computing at the edge.

LiquidSky is looking for a passionate Frontend Developer who is prepared to jump in and join a great team working with the latest tools and technologies to define and construct LiquidSky’s future systems. Join us and become a part of something that will make a difference.



Minimum Qualifications:

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